Women In The House On Mango Street

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The theme of a patriarchal society where beauty is a weakness and having too much of it only means darkness is very prominent in Sandra Cisneros's The House on Mango Street. Esperanza, the protagonist of the numerous vignettes, highlights how this affects the young women on Mango Street.
The vignette “Beautiful and Cruel,” conveys the impact it has on Esperanza. In this vignette, Esperanza feels that she is “an ugly daughter” and “the one nobody cares about” (Cisneros 88). She does not need, or want, a man to lead her life, unlike the women she knows. She does not need, or want, a man to make decisions for her. Unfortunately, she still feels the pressure to look gorgeous and stunning: “Nenny has pretty eyes and it’s easier to talk that way …show more content…

Adding to this, it is very common that the father does not want his daughter to be too gorgeous. The saying all beauty comes with a price goes hand in hand with what the fathers of these girls wish. They also want their daughters to settle down with a man and have children that just keep coming. Sadly, this is something society has deemed acceptable, and many young girls are now trying to be what they know as the stereotype of “pretty” and “perfect.” Suddenly, it is all that matters and what they want simply is not important, they are not able to be their own kind of beautiful. Women and young ladies all over the world see models, actors, actresses. People who have the so called “perfect body” and face. A chiseled abdomen and prominent jaw line for guys. Hair that you can run your hands through. Flawless smile full of pearly white teeth. A completely flat stomach with a hint of abs for girls. Long, long legs that go on for miles. Flowing, glossy, shiny hair and a button nose. Big wide eyes. To the world these features make someone beautiful. In fact, in order to be a Victoria's Secret Runway Model, you must be at least 5’10. When these young girls, and guys see these superficial people they assume that they too must look like them. They do not know that these are people who probably starve themselves, truly experiencing the saying “beauty is pain.” Beauty should be

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