Women and African American Roles After the American Revolution

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The roles of many started changing after the American Revolution, in what could be done and who was able to do it. This began the revolution of people who now had a taste of what the future could hold and how important their role would be in making sure it is better for all future generations. In particular women and African-Americans, two groups of individuals who for very different reasons were looked at as inferior and could only do so much in the grand scheme of things. These two groups were able to break through preconceived roles; however, they ended up with completely different outcomes. Women, in general, were expected to be able to run their homes, taking care of their spouses and children in whatever form was needed at the …show more content…

However, the times were changing in that women were allowed to start getting an education, the intent being they would be raising young men and needed to make sure they were educated, but it became so much more. An article written by the National Women’s History Museum pointed out the need to educating women and adolescents: “Another changing trend was that many of America’s youth began choosing their own spouses based on romance and companionship. In response to this transformation parents felt their girls should receive an education that would make them more attractive to well-bred husbands. Education was also regarded as beneficial for those women who had the misfortune to marry less reliable men, in which case they would be more capable of educating their own children and managing the family’s business affairs. Thomas Jefferson cited this very reason for educating his daughter, Martha Jefferson, saying: “The chance that in marriage she will draw a blockhead I calculate at about fourteen to one, and…the education of her family will probably rest on her own ideas and directions without assistance.” (Collins, 2003) Jefferson’s prediction was right. Martha Jefferson had twelve children and her husband was said to have become mentally ill later in life, leaving Martha Jefferson with a lot of responsibility.” (NWHM, 2007) At this

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