Women 's Care Of Babies

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Men go to work. Women take care of babies. Women are far too fragile and dimwitted to ever have a real job. Men are responsible and intelligent so they have to support the family. Women have no idea how to run a business or change a tire, so they take care of babies. Men couldn’t possibly change a diaper or cook dinner, so they go to work. Men go to work. Women take care of babies. In a perfect world, this is how our society perceives marriage. But what if this isn’t the case? Well, welcome to the real world. Defying all gender stereotyping odds, my mother succeeded in raising two children while excelling in her career, without the help from a man. My mother encountered a multitude of obstacles along the way, yet she shielded her children’s feelings and concealed the hardships that appeared along the journey of motherhood. As I have matured, I have begun to sympathize with my mother, as well as other single parents, for the unimaginable difficulties that she had to endure in order to ensure success parenting. Parenting is real work, and it is arduous work, nonetheless. As a child, my father was appointed vice president at an incredibly high-end company, so we never had to worry about money. My father insisted that my mother never had to get a “real job”, so her only job was to take care of my brother and I. Unfortunately for her, I caught an infection that attacked my organs and resulted in the death of one of my kidneys. Consequently, I required around the clock care and
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