Women 's Rights Amendment Act

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Women have come a long way ever since the 19th Amendment was passed in 1920 and thereafter with the Equal Rights Amendment Act in 1972 to the U.S Constitution. After decades of struggling and protesting, the 19th Amendment was passed and ratified to grant women the right to vote. Fifty-two years later worth of revisions and persistency, the Equal Rights Amendment was ratified in which it declared that everyone had both Human and Civil rights in the States regardless of sex. Not only did these amendments have an immense impact on the lives of women and sequentially with the rest of the citizens of this nation, but on the people of today’s century. Women have done a tremendous job in proving society wrong about the roles women are …show more content…

By the late 19th century and early 20th century women were more involved in the workforce. They were doing domestic service, working in factories, workshops, tin and coal mines, farms, etc. Many of the jobs that women were doing required a lot of physical labor, and even though they still wanted or needed to have these jobs they weren’t compensated with a proportional wage. What they received was looked as a second earning for the household and the men of the house whom had far more “skillful” jobs required a higher pay. Truth is, women were the ones doing the difficult jobs and working more than the men were but that was of no importance but to women themselves.
During World War I (1914-1918) a massive number of women joined the armed forces in hopes of being able to serve their country and those in need. There was a high demand for nurses to attend injured soldiers, and as a result from that women wanted to join the armed forces knowing that while the men were treated for their injuries they too could help out their country if permitted. Furthermore, women had to take on the jobs left by all of the men that went to war. Opening the possibilities of women to keep working even after the war is over, creating the employment rate to go higher. Some women had to go back to what they were doing before but a majority of women were able to keep working alongside men. Their wage was a lot less than men but

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