Women 's Role During Wwii

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Women’s Role During WWII 1939-1945
Men were leaving, people were fighting, and many were dying. World War II was one of the hardest times, and during that difficult time, women stepped up their roles and had a huge impact during the war. The women during World II in the United States and in Europe impacted the war by taking different jobs and becoming employed in the workforce, working in the home with normal household responsibilities while supporting the men oversees, and entering into the military with sacrifice.
There were many ways the European and United States women helped the war. With that being said, when the demand for male workers for jobs were not enough, many women stepped into the number of occupations that were opened. …show more content…

Government campaigns stressed the message that women needed to sustain their “feminity” so they provided beautiful posters of feminine women who were nicely groomed as nurses, volunteers, or factory workers. Additionally in Europe as well as the United States, “Attempts were made to maintain the boundary between masculinity and femininity.” In the United States and Europe many women stepped in opened occupations, media affected women greatly, and even though women were raised in a feminine way they still entered the workforce and volunteered for military service.
Second, the women’s work in the home is so beneficial, because it helped the national defense effort and gave support for the war. Many women showed their sacrifice and patriotism “on the home front” by facing several challenges, such as raising children and singly taking care of the home by themselves. These “heroes of the home front” sustained the highest quality of living they could possibly do for themselves and for their families. For example, in the article American Women’s Wartime Dress: Sociocultural Ambiguity Regarding Women’s Roles During World War II says that women in America became heroes on the home front. Also, it was stated that Britain women is seen as the home front as a legitimate duty. There was no doubt that women in America and in Europe took the home front responsibilities very seriously with all the challenges that brought.
Next, homemakers helped the national defense effort

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