Women 's Struggle For Liberation And Where We Stand Now Essay

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In a male dominated world order, women’s struggle for liberation and where we stand now is undoubtedly the product of the struggles and distresses that women revolutionaries had to face throughout history. Considering the period and the societies in which they lived in, Mary Wollstonecraft and Olympe De Gouge can be considered as the women who resisted against a womanless revolution. They challenged declarations of rights that produced principles that were not implemented for half the population. While society was keen on defining womanhood and femininity from a male perspective that degraded women and erased them from society as true citizens, these women boldly wrote and protested against those foreordained ideas. As bourgeois women of late 18th century, both Wollstonecraft and De Gouge lived through the French Revolution of 1789 and at first hand, they experienced the delusionary promises of the revolutionaries regarding equal rights for all citizens, which were never to be given to women in the first place. More important than the revolution itself was the aftermath that supposedly brought every citizen equal rights, from which women were simply excluded just as they were before. Wollstonecraft and De Gouge both argue that a society that has half the population depend on the other half can never be considered a fully liberated society. While maintaining their distinct tones and styles, both women verbalized the fallacies of the revolution and the systematic oppression of

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