Women's Rights Movement in the US Essay

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Women rights Throughout the years of marriage and relationships there has been many changes towards the different roles that men and women play. Over this time though there are also things that have remained the same. The male female relationship has always had a type of “guidelines”. Over the past forty years these guidelines have become less and less followed.      Men and women’s attitudes towards each other are something that has always, for the most part, remained the same. For all of time men have been the seekers. It is a mans job to find himself a partner. Women get to wait and choose who they accept and who they decline. For example men have always asked women to dances or social events. This has come…show more content…
It is not uncommon to have a female be the head provider for a family. There are many relationships where both partners work and there is also families where the fathers stays home and raises the kids. The basic family still consists of the father at the top as the main provider, but there are many other ways for families and relationships to be successful.       There are many things that have contributed to these changes taking place. One thing is the change in economy. It is taking more and more money to be able to raise a family and live comfortably. This is one of the reasons why you see more and more mothers working. Raising children is much easier off of two incomes rather than one. Another reason is the change in the view of women. Women are much more respected today then they were years ago, especially in the work place. There are many more women today that pursue a career and want to provide for themselves and there families. Relationships and families are becoming more and more of a fifty-fifty split of power.      With all of these changes there are still stereotypes that remain. The problem that can come with these stereotypes is when people believe them. For example a husband might not want his wife to work because he feels that women are incapable working in a business or that they do not belong. However this is something that can work both ways. A wife may not want to get a job because
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