Women's Role Of Women In The American Revolution

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Throughout history, a woman's purpose has mainly been to raise children and manage the household. Although after the Revolution, this role remained mostly the same, during the time of social injustice, women showed their bravery and patriotism. A woman’s role in the American Revolution played a significant part of America winning its independence. Many men were needed to fight in the war. This meant that mothers and wives were left home with little communication. The women left behind had to take over the responsibilities that men had previously held. Without men home, women were more vulnerable against troops. However, many women were not, in fact, powerless against pillaging troops. Several women joined an organization called the Daughters of Liberty. This informal group had a direct impact on the Revolution. The Daughters of Liberty helped decrease dependence on British-made goods, as well as helped increasing patriotism. They encouraged other women to make homemade supplies for soldiers and families. Instead of wearing clothing and using goods imported from Britain, patriot women made and used their own supplies. They also helped to organize boycotts of British goods. Furthermore, women helped the patriots by supporting organizations like the Ladies Association in Philadelphia. This group of women collected funds which were given to Martha Washington to give to her husband George Washington, who was an American general at the time. Other various organizations

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