Women's Roles in the Postclassical Period by Religion Essay

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Throughout most of documented history women of all cultures and civilizations have lived under patriarchal circumstances. In almost every religion and civilization women's status was not equal to that of a man's. Women in most cultures are looked at as subservient, obedient creatures that were put on this world for very few reasons, mainly to bear children and do what their husbands require of them. In fact, religions are a big part of the reason of this oppression due to the religion's reinforcement and justification of patriarchal conditions. In this week's selected readings from different aspects of Islamic, Byzantine Christian, and Western Christian cultures, it is very apparent as to how these three religions did reinforce and …show more content…

But, with every bad there must be a good and the Koran does have some excerpts from it that do protect women, this is apparent in the text on page 130 when it states, "If you wish to marry another wife, in place of your present wife, and you have given the latter a great deal, you shall not take back anything you had given her." This selection deals with polygamy, because Muslim men are allowed to take on more than one wife if they are able to provide for them; however the Koran states that the husband can not take anything back that he has given his previous wife. There are also some strange rules from Muslim Law that degrade women as well as some legends that add to the negative attitude towards women, The Hadith states, "To look at a woman is forbidden, even if it is a look without desire, so how much the more is touching her (130)." Also in The Hadith there is an account of Muhammad's viewing on hell, where the prophet states, "and I had a look into Hell and saw that most of its inhabitants were women (130)." With religious views such as this it is easy to see how there was a negative view towards women in Islamic culture.

The next religions that will be discussed here are those of Byzantine and Western Christianity. These two religions are very similar with many common beliefs and views. In Byzantine Christianity one of the most important rights a woman had was that of gaining her husbands inheritance, especially

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