Wong Tai Sin Temple: Social Functions’ Change and Rebirth in Modern Society

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Wong Tai Sin Temple: Social Functions’ Change and Rebirth in Modern Society Abstract Wong Tai Sin Temple, located in Wong Tai Sin district of Kowloon in Hong Kong, was established in 1921. As one of the most important Taoist Architecture, the social function of Wong Tai Sin Temple has experienced some changes from the basic religious function, which protect the temple to survive under British colonial rule and promote the development of Taoism in the modern society. This paper provides an analysis of how the Wong Tai Sin Temple developed its social functions to realize the rebirth in modern society and try to find some suggestions for other religious architecture in China. Keywords Wong Tai Sin Temple, religious architecture, social …show more content…

Therefore, the Wong Tai Sin belief in Lingnan area got new development, on the other hand, Sik Sik Yuen strengthened the cooperation with temple worshiping Wong Tai Sin in Australia and America, which makes Wong Tai Sin Temple become a symbol of Chinese culture. During the same time, in order to get the rebirth in modern society, the temple in Mainland China tried their best to develop the tourism and attracts visitors.They ignored the cultural value of the religious temple and add the modern or western elements to the traditional temple blindly with the aim to get more and more earnings getting the doubt from publics. However, Sik Sik Yuen concentrated on the spread of own belief and culture, which attracted the continuous visitors and donator. It is not hard to see the cost is much lower than the harvest in cultural publicity for the religious architecture. And there is no doubt that the positive cultural influence also cannot be ignored. Economic Function---Religious architecture as a tourist attraction The operation of religious architecture cannot be separated from the financial support. Most religious temples’ financial support comes from tourism and donations, and Wong Tai Sin Temple is no exception. However, the most difference about tourism development between the Wong Tai Sin Temple and other religious temples is the sustainability.

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