Woodhaven Payroll Case Study Answers

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Yes. I know that number sounds low. Again, the Plant Manager has been transferred off the Woodhaven Payroll. He was on our payroll for approximately 3 to 4 months and represents $21,500 of the $50,800 YTD wages. You should have him in your Aaron’s estimate from the point of the transfer, but that might get lost due to the size of Aaron’s numbers. Once I pulled him out of the YTD numbers for projection purposes, that left me with approximately $30,000 paid in 7 ½ months with a projection of approximately $18,000 for the remaining 5 ½ months. This is only covering two associates. The remaining 4 to 5 associates are contracted through outside agencies. It is possible that some of them MIGHT be rotated into a permanent position. If I need

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