Workers Compensation Claims

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Workers compensation insurance is an important protection that workers throughout the United States have. Basically, if you experience a work-related injury or illness, this insurance covers you for medical expenses and lost wages until you are well enough to get back to work. In the state of Pennsylvania, employers are required to provide this coverage to all of their employees even if they are part-time or seasonal. After becoming ill or sustaining an injury related to your employment, you must report it to your employer immediately. These types of claims are more likely to happen in professions or industries that lend themselves more readily to accidents or injury. Material handling and slips, trips and falls account for a large percentage of such claims. Falling from a great height is the top cause of construction accidents but it's also the top cause in retail as well. Whatever the cause of your personal injury, you must file a claim as quickly as possible. …show more content…

This is when you will have to file a Claim Petition, which will give you the chance to be heard before a judge who is an expert in this area of law. If you find yourself having to file a claim petition, you do not want to try to handle this on your own. There is too much at stake to risk also being denied by the judge. Your medical expenses and overdue bills will start piling up immediately as soon as you are no longer able to work. Seek Experienced Help to Secure the Compensation You

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