Working At Partnership Health Center, Billing Office Essay

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I started working at Partnership Health Center, billing office, on September 14, 2016. Within the company I take on a variety of tasks. The following summary is going to explain the best practices I have developed, my day-to-day affairs, coding tips, and issues that have come up and how they were resolved.

Summary of Day-to-Day Affairs:

A typical day in the office includes auditing claims, sending claims to insurance companies, and working denials. Auditing claims is making sure what the physician coded for is documented and that the codes are correct. Each day I review the physician 's documentation against the codes they put into our system for their patient’s visit. At times when the documentation does not match what is coded, I query the physician and ask them to re-review their assessment and documentation. Below in the section, “Issues and How They Were Resolved” is a couple of examples of when the physician was contacted. I audit multiple claims a day and it is important that each one is suitable before it is sent to the insurance company.

Prior to a claim being sent to the insurance, I verify the patient’s information.
First, I verify the patient was active under their insurance for the date of service. I do this by going on the insurance companies website or I can call to confirm eligibility. Then, I confirm the patient’s identification and group number is correct. I do this by reviewing the patient’s insurance card and what is entered onto the claim. Next, I

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