Wounded Knee Genocide

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The international community has the obligation of respecting the autonomy of sovereign states. Genocide has occurred all over the place a different time periods throughout history and throughout the world, whatever the case may be it is not right and this can be eliminated. Genocide has been occurring all over the world in different places and time periods. From, Iraq to Canada, and from America to Germany. Involving the United States Government, Christopher Columbus, and Hitler. Massacre, holocaust, mass execution, slaughter, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. All the names give away how inhumane this “procedure” is. The meaning of the word “Genocide” is “The deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political or cultural group.” (Webster) or “The deliberate killing of people who belong to a particular racial, political, or cultural group” (Webster). Lawyer Rapael Lemkin introduces the term “genocide” created from the Greek word “geno” meaning family or tribe, and “cide” meaning “kill” (ProQuest). Genocide has been happening for centuries and even in America (ProQuest). Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who apparently discovered American when he was actually looking for India. When Columbus came up on American land he thought the land was unclaimed. In the late 1800’s (1890) Wounded Knee Massacre occurred by Wounded …show more content…

Wounded Knee Massacre happened because the U.S. Military intervened. “Indonesian military uses starvation and chemical weapons to exterminate the people of East Timor. The death toll is reported at 150,000 (ProQuest). “In the mid 1800’s Russian soldiers were ordered to remove the Caucasians and the Circassians. In the 1900’s people called this event a “circassian ethnic cleansing” later on called genocide. (ProQuest) They think Americans should feel bad for the violence they caused in Iraq

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