Write About the Ways in Which Auden Tells the Story in “Miss Gee”.

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I feel that Auden tells the story of Miss Edith Gee extremely well, using a wide variety of literary techniques to make it an interesting but disturbingly thought-provoking read. The story shows how our protagonist is surely going about her life, in the eyes of others, as if nothing is wrong, but when she is alone she wonders if anyone does care about her. The initial exposition is extremely sympathetic towards Miss Gee. “Now let me tell you a little story about Miss Edith Gee” is a cruel way to open the narrative as Auden instantly belittles her character and makes her seem insignificant, whereas she is actually the main, if not only character we meet in detail. This technique is effectives the reader then feels that she is…show more content…
This make me, as a reader feel that she is pessimistic and doesn’t really stop thinking and relax for just a moment. In this same stanza, at line 15, the back-pedal brake is described as “harsh”. This is effective imagery as it has two different connotations. There could be the fact that it is a hard and rusty back-pedal brake, but there is also the metaphor that she is on a bike ride, a symbol for her monotonous life, and she is constantly held back by this brake that is stiff and harsh when triggered, possibly meaning that she is held back in life by the way she lives her life and how dull it is. The way in which irony is introduced in stanza 5, where Auden says that Miss Edith Gee attends St. Aloysius church, is clever because St Aloysius overcame his disease of the plague, whereas Miss Gee has a substantially different fate. This again, may be seen by some to be Auden mocking Edith Gee and her ‘insignificant’ life. Miss Gee looks for guidance as she gazes up to the stars and dialogue is introduced with “Does anyone care that I live in Clevedon Terrace on one hundred pounds a year?” She seems to be crying out for attention or perhaps someone to care for her and love her, but it seems that she is cruelly denied this desire. She does find something to bury her thoughts in, and it so happens to be the vicar of her local church, whom she has sexual fantasies and desires about. Her desires start off to

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