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Just like us humans, what your dog eats has a great affect on his health and vitality. You want to choose a food with quality ingredients that will provide your pup with energy and a shiny coat.
Some signs your pet may need a higher quality, more nutrient rich food include a dull coat, inflammation and allergies, hot spots on the skin, lack of energy, over sleeping, and lethargy.
Merrick pet food makes a great choice because they start with quality ingredients that provide your dog the nutrients he or she needs no matter age. Recommended by pet owners and veterinarians alike, Merrick’s foods contain whole, pronounceable foods with lean meats like turkey or duck and fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes and a variety of apples.
Why Merrick is Different
Merrick is fairly unique in their use of fruit for …show more content…

Barley serves as a carbohydrate source for your pet’s energy levels and brain function. Aside from energy, barley also provides fiber to keep the digestive system healthy and regulated.
Merrick uses human grade meats and produce. It is widely known that the brand is synonymous with quality. Aside from natural, quality meats, they also add in chelated minerals, probiotics, and Omega three and six fatty acids to ensure the digestive, immune, and joint health of your pet. Omega three and six aid in alleviating inflammation, dry skin conditions, and allergies, as well.
With quality as their trademark, the makers of Merrick pet food give careful consideration to each and every ingredient. The meat and produce they use are USDA inspected with industry-leading levels of nutrients. Ingredients come from farmers and foods are handcrafted in Merrick’s Texas kitchen not imported from China like other brands.
Some things you should know when buying and storing

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