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Tony Stewart is one of the most outstanding former car stock racers. He was born in Columbus, Indiana on May 20, 1921, to Nelson and Pam stewart. Stewart was raised with a sister named Natalie. After a while of being married his parents divorced, today his mother is remarried and his father still remains single. Tony Stewart himself is forty-six years old and is also single. After being retired from NASCAR for a while, Tony has started to race once again today.

Tony's career started due to his love for car racing because of his childhood. He grew up racing go-karts and even participated in competitions. At a very young age, he won go-kart competitions such as World Karting Association in 1987 and United Midget Racing Association. One of his …show more content…

Both Kevin and Tony were participating in sprint car race at Canandaigua Motorsports Park in New York. During the race, driver Kevin's car hit the wall and spun out. Without any notice from race officials, Kevin came out of his car and started to walk on the track. While Kevin was walking, Tony was finishing his half-mile course. Tony did not see Kevin gesturing and while passing him tony's rear tire struck at Kevin. Tony gave his condolences to Kevin's family and didn't participate in his race the next day.

The accident of Kevin Ward Jr led didn't affect Stewart's career at all. His charges were dropped after pleading to the judge in court. However, after two years Kevin's parents filed a civil lawsuit and pleaded the judge to open the case again. Tony's legal team protested and said that Kevin's accident was simply a mistake and it should be all put behind. Kevin's death did cause some legal problems but Stewart was easily able to dodge them.

Today Stewart has returned to the race track again. He retired and took some time off because of his leg. Tony had shattered his leg in one of the sprint cup races. After five months and three surgeries, many people believed he wasn't going to come back. In 2014 he walked in Daytona International Speedway, and many people were shocked. When he was interviewed, he said that he was very confident in his comeback. Today he is once

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