Writing And Fear Public Speaking

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For the final project, I would like to write a paper. I would prefer to do this opinion because I enjoy writing and fear public speaking. The midterm paper was fairly easy for me to complete, as I am good at sitting down and concentrating on one subject for a long time. Additionally, I love expressing myself through words. As an introvert with slight anxiety, the idea of public speaking is terrifying. While I have no problems saying my opinions in class, I do not like standing in front of a group of people. It is intimidating, and I would rather not force myself into a situation that will make me uncomfortable. The topic that I would most like to talk about during the second part of class is same-sex marriage. This subject will make an interesting point for discussion and will spark debate, which is a vital part of philosophy class. I would love to talk about something that I care about so much in an academic setting. It would be fascinating to hear why people support or disapprove of the practice. I am a firm believer that gender does not matter when it comes to love, and want to find a way to express how much love means to me. When people who are meant to be together find each other, it is beautiful and almost otherworldly. They should not be denied the right to be happy because of their gender. Love is the most powerful force on earth, and just because the idea of two men or two women together makes certain members of Congress uncomfortable is no reason to prevent it
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