Writing Essay : The Importance Of Writing In High School

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Throughout school, I have been exposed to various accounts of literature that fueled the fire to carry me to college, and perhaps loathing English courses as a whole. From the beginning of my writing career, we were to pump out two page essays without the mention of yourself, nor be verbs. I feel as if writing with such harsh restrictions takes away from the integrity of writing, and makes writing feel more like an obligation to that teacher than a freedom. I plan to state the reasons why going to the high school that I did ruined writing for me, and how I feel I never truly learned how to write a paper. These previously stated reasons and more come together to provide a compelling backstory in my history with writing. Starting with one incident I can recall on from my Freshman year of high school, the assignment was a four page essay to be written as a book review. The only catch was, we were not allowed to use personal pronouns. This was a complete throw off for me as I had to write a personalized book review and could not mention myself or my opinions properly. I tried expressing my concerns to the teacher, but in high school personal pronouns seem more frowned upon then breaking the school handbook code. As my attempt failed, I slopped together what was considered an acceptable paper, got a B on the paper and moved on upset with what was ahead of me in the future. Not much changed throughout high school, and I can recall an even worse memory than the story previously

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