Wrongful Convictions

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Wrongful Convictions 2 Causes of Wrongful Convictions There are three main causes of wrongful convictions in the United States. This leads to wrongful punishment and causes turmoil for everyone involved. It then creates multiple feelings on everyone’s behalf, therefore; leaving no choice but to choose sides. Should capital punishment be enforced or not enforced. To what extent do you believe the death penalty should be improvised? Wrongful convictions are sought out by lawyers and police to determine if a criminal is guilty. Evidence and DNA is all part of the investigation that leads to an arrest. Once evidence is presented, the jury will then deliberate on what …show more content…

For this cause there are pros, protecting civilians from future harm.
The effect of this cause is that the cons are still out there on the streets, however; the evidence is not convincing enough to put the criminal away. These causes have put authorities such as police and attorneys on edge. Causing them to doubt the outcome of all the existing crimes that are happening. Wondering why they are taking Wrongful Convictions 4 such a risk capturing these criminals and watching them all be released back on the streets. Due to the evidence provided they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. A jury can determine when a witness is giving false information and when they are telling the truth. Weak and fabricated evidence is often tested in court. Therefore; some criminals are wrongfully convicted. Given a plea or plea deal or even a new deal could lead to the conviction of an innocent situation In conclusion wrongful convictions are subject to many decisions. Not only by a judge or jury but by the evidence that is provided in court. Given the facts we will spend vast energies in freeing a few innocent people. We must gird for battle and restore the lost law. The law must be put back in congress where under the system it must reside forever. Giving hope to those who were wrongfully convicted

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