Wuthering Heights, The Book

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The catalyst of this whole story was when Catherine got bitten by a dog at Thrushcross Grove and was forced to remain there. She returned home to Wuthering Heights a changed woman. No longer the mischievous little girl that loved to get in trouble with Heathcliff, she was a polite young lady interested in Edgar Linton. There are three definite divisions in the book, before Heathcliff and Catherine go to Thrushcross Grange, the time immediately after she returns, and life after she marries Edgar.
The first recognized stage of this book took place as Catherine and Heathcliff grew up together. They formed a tight bond only days after Heathcliff arrived at Wuthering Heights, much to the dismay of Catherine’s brother Hindley. Heathcliff found a way into both Catherine and Mr. Earnshaw’s hearts, a relationship that only grew stronger after the death of Mr. Earnshaw. It got to be that Hindley, his wife Frances, and the staff at Wuthering Heights would purposefully keep the two young children separated to lessen their shenanigans. One colorful story recounted by Nelly was when they were punished and forced to read classical books. Both Heathcliff and Catherine refused to do as they were told and disrespectfully threw the books to the ground. No matter how harsh their punishment was, as soon as they were together they were once again plainning some other devious plot.
Everything changed that day that Heathcliff and Catherine ran off to spy on the “weird” kids at

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