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Together, Canada and the United States, on behalf of the Allies, made military contributions in the Second World War, albeit with varying results. Canada had declared war on the Axis Powers only a week after Great Britain and France had made their declarations. The war continued on, and Axis victory was being averted by sheer Allied bravery, even though Britain was near to collapse and France and the rest of Europe had long fallen. Allied victory seemed impossible, until the United States entered the war in December 1941. It was a turnaround and a triumph of American material and logistics superiority. Canadian contributions were not as decisive, yet helped provide stability and note-worthy support to America’s swift and decisive military…show more content…
Canadian involvement in the Second World War was largely self-gratifying, in a way, as it began to develop a huge war industry of aircraft, military vehicles and cargo carriers’ production, most of which went to Britain, which kept its factories working, which spurred them to keep alive their interest in helping to win the war. The major contribution by the Canadians was the usage of the Corvettes that acted as escorts for supply ships on the way to Britain. Without these supplies, D-Day would never have happened. These military skirmishes and actions kept the war alive, but did not initiate any significant results on their own; however they were a pivotal support force.

America’s late entry into the war was made up with its efficient and strategic fighting in battles, which ended the Second World War. Most of American military contributions in Europe were in collaboration with troops from other Allied nations, such as the Italian Campaign, D-Day landings (under American General D. Eisenhower) and the Battle of the Bulge. Starting from the West, Allied forces moved further eastwards, with the United States leading from the front, while Soviet forces attacked westwards, trapping Berlin. Hitler committed suicide, Nazi Germany was in disarray, and the war in Europe was won. It was a victory for American
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