Xenogenesis Short Summary Of Dawn

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Summary of Xenogenesis Book One: Dawn Dawn, by Olivia Butler, takes place in the distant future, approximately 250 years after earth was decimated by a nuclear war, on a planet-like spaceship populated by a species known as the Oankali. The protagonist, Lilith, awakes multiple times from a drugged sleep to find herself locked up in a dark room. She has no idea where she is, who imprisoned her, or how long she has been there. She is interrogated over an intercom several times before she finally tells the unknown speaker her name, age, etc. Eventually she is released, “after…[ellipses original] however many days it had been” but not until after an alien named Jdahya (pronounced Sty-ya) has stayed with her for a while, forcing her to get used to his unearthly appearance. He is completely gray and covered in tentacle-like “sensory organs.” She is brought to the home of Jdahya and his family where is she is placed in the care of his ooloi child, Nikanj. (The ooloi are a third sex in the Oankali species.) She slowly learns about their society, both from what she is told and how she is treated. Humanity has become almost extinct because of “the war” and the only survivors are those the Oankali rescued, most of whom are still in induced comas. Their apparent rescuers had been restoring earth for over two centuries while the surviving humans slept. Lilith is informed that she will prepare a group of humans to interact with the Oankali and she will eventually “parent

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