Yasumasa MorimuraPhilosophy Of Art And The Human Condition?

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“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but the inward significance.” This quote is from Greek philosopher Aristotle, his philosophy of art with the regards to the human condition. Artists that demonstrate the human condition are ones that form artworks that inspire others. Artists such as Yasumasa Morimura, an international artist, that takes appropriation to a different level. With is body of work inspired by the late Frida Kahlo. Indigenous Australian artist Fiona Foley, also demonstrates such human condition with her work HHH #2. And finally Australian artist Bill Henson, with his photography works. These works have the clear use of the human condition woven into the work. These artists and their stories for these works are the clear reason that they support Aristotle's philosophy.

crystallization of a project that has taken ten years to complete. Completed in 2001 by appropriation artist Yasumasa Morimura, the collection of works have become one of his iconic works. Morimura uses historical paintings, the only changes he makes to these is inserting his own face and making minor changes. The value of the painting's meaning is not changed, especially in An Inner Dialogue with Frida Kahlo. Morimura’s fascination with Kahlo and her experiences, that have produced countless of famous paintings that express these emotions. “Morimura described Kahlo’s art as a “fierce and intense manifestation of human sentiments and universal themes, such as

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