Yom Kippur Essay

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All the religion's are based on methodology. Some religions believe that by praying once a day will bring them closer to God, and some think praying five times a day will bring them closer to God. For example, Hindus have a day called Carva Choth, Muslims have Ramadan, and the Jews have Yom Kippur. They all have different purposes for fasting, but there is one thing in common, which is a connection through humans to God. In World War Two, the Nazi Germans captured all the Jewish people and put them in concentrations camps, also known as the "Holocaust." By Fasting and linking to God by prayers, they asked God for forgiveness for all their sins they have committed. At that time Fasting had multipurpose, it showed the Germans that not …show more content…
The Germans may have the power to take all Jewish people into a concentration camp or take their belonging, but the Germans never succeeded in taking everything from the Jewish people, because this world is too big and there are too many things and not enough Germans to take everything. Most importantly the Jewish people have the will to live and where there is a will there is a way.

The " Way " that Jewish people have is, God. The Jewish people have faith in God which gives them a desire to live. Elie says ."......a prayer rose in my heart, to that God in whom I no longer believed." (page 87) After all the trouble times Elie has gone through, he does not want to believe in God, but something inside him, his heart, his instincts went towards God, he knew that God is always with him. May be God was testing their patience. Elie says" Thank God! You're still alive" (page 33). He thanks God for giving him support not directly but through his father. Elie thanked God because his father was still alive and he was Elie's only will to live. One way or another, directly or indirectly, Jewish people never gave up on believing in God, which gave them faith, something to look forward to.

Less slow painful death with dignity. Elie says to his father, " I'm going to run to the electric wire. That would be better than slow agony in the flames." ( page 31). This shows that Elie has given up on God, and has given up in God's faith, and
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