Yoochun's Tractors: A Narrative Fiction

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The town is like a mafia- no one leaves, and they all stay. Miles, and miles south from Seoul, their neighbourhood looks nothing like the towering skyscrapers and bright lights from the city, and Yoochun loved that part of his hometown. In the summer it was both a paradise and a living hell, as one squirmed in the torturing heat as the sun burned your skin, and it was the perfect time to drive to the shore, which was only a few minutes away and jump in. The glimmering, translucent sea all cerulean under the sky and to the kids who lived there – it was their own palace to live, their palace to reign over. Yoochun loved it here, especially with lazy mornings when all he’d do is chase his friends in his father’s field and then they’d collapse …show more content…

As much as college seemed like the quickest way to get out of here, he would rather stay behind with his father, sitting on the tractor with the loud buzzing of the tractor in his ears and the blobbed stains of mud on his forest green rubber boots. His mother always joked that it was his lack of ambition, lack of wanting something better in his life out of his natural laziness, but it seemed like Sooyeon had it all while he had none. Sooyeon was an enigma to him, even after years of sneaking past midnight sharing notes from each other’s bedroom windows, as their rooms faced one another’s, before she’d quickly shut her blinds when her older brother Yunho would catch them in the middle of a full-blown exchange of information, but he loved it about her. She was full of energy and full of life in her own ways, and never stopped hoping and pushing towards her dreams. Her dream was to get out of here and break all the ties she had to their small neighbourhood and be free to see all the things the world has set out for her to

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