Yoseph's Belief

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Finding himself home now, Yoseph's father is naturally speculative of the young man’s future motivations. That is, will he resume his visits with the holy eccentrics beyond the city gates, who in turn, has appear to be grooming him to some prophetic vocation, or this was the prevailing rumor among the village folk. In truth, these religious extremists were esteemed by the economically distressed villagers, even more so than of the traditional elders, it being they who proffered and predicted a liberation from the empire of which they are all vassals. Moreover, they were assured a chosen one who will rise from among them to emancipate and offer the kingdom of heaven on earth where they, the oppressed, will be sovereigns of the whole world. In…show more content…
Therefore, the people, as the father, simply envisaged that he was being adorned for some great appointment, in that they took particular interest in the young man. Yoseph, by disposition of temperament, was quiet and thoughtful, if not commonly judicious, which deportment lent itself to the likelihood of his being divinely especial in some manner, and what could be more exceptional than the chosen messiah all his people coveted. Even-though, the relationship of father and son was essentially one of estrangement, even before he started frequenting the radicals of the wastelands. However, since his return, he detects something different in his…show more content…
“Nothing is wrong my son… that is, you are here, working in the shop… that is… you are not out there… I mean… with those men… the… zealots… no… nothing is wrong”

Nevertheless Yoseph ponders his father's words but remains silent as if to let the issue rest. Joseph bows his head and returns to his work, occasionally looking over at his son, then quickly away when eye contact is made… Yoseph stops Storting the blocks of wood to address his father more directly. He moves casually over to the work bench, his hands relax behind and resting on the small of his back.

“Father, it is I, Yoseph…"

But then in a more sympathetic posture he reaches out, placing both of his large hands on the shoulders of the old man. Josef looks up at him as a child would to the eyes of parent, as Yoseph

"Father, forgive me… I haven't been the son you desire”

Josef recoils in his son's defense to assure him he is mistaken.

“Oh no my son… you have always
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