Young Goodman Brown By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s work Young Goodman Brown reveals how hard it is in the revelation of the harsh realities of the society. The society with is characterized by secrecy. People hide behind the curtains of daily practices and a normal life despite the odd their practices. However, anxiety reveals the realities of people in the community that may come with great prices as for the Nathaniel Hawthorne’s main character Goodman Brown. Viewing the carefully the sense at the beginning of the story and towards the end of the story tells us how much is changed for Goodman Brown’s involvement and perception of the society and all these are the harsh reality.
Scene One Summary
In the start of the story, Goodman Brown is bided farewell by his wife Faith who is disturbed mentally. She is disturbed mentally for what Goodman believes is associated with the trip he is making to the forest. He is headed to the forest to fulfill his anxiety of knowing more of the evil in the society. Goodman sets of the road into the woods looking for details behind the trees for what they may hold. "There may be a devilish Indian behind every tree," said Goodman Brown to himself (Hawthorne). He comes across a man in the road getting him like he had expected to bump into him. His attire is regular and normal, besides the walking stick with a curved serpent. Which of course must have been an ocular deception, assisted by the uncertain light…
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