Youth Center Experience

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I have loved being part of my Air Force youth center, 4-H and BGCA Club for nearly 7 years. My Youth Center and Club has given me so many amazing opportunities to interact with other kids my own age, as well as being a mentor to the younger kids. We moved to Grand Forks, ND from Naples, Italy in 2011. This was a really difficult time for me as we had been living overseas for 11 years. I had only known Guam and Italy, so moving to the States was a huge adjustment.

I began to attend Thompson Middle School which did not go very well in the beginning. I was very depressed as I was being bullied every day. I was different; I was a military brat with a disability and had never attended anything but military schools on a base. Coming from overseas …show more content…

I even became the Keystone President which is a title I take very seriously. I have had so much fun organizing events for the Keystone members and the youth on our base, as well as involving kids who are not affiliated with the base so they could experience what we are all about, and show them we are not that different. I have enjoyed so many trips, being with my peers and working with future club …show more content…

We went on to discuss the person she was and the person I wanted to be. I told her what it was like to have a disability and what it was like to have low self-esteem, along with the struggle I have had with school and having 47xxx. She told me, that you don't have to be an "A" student to be a good person and that there are many people who have struggled with school and disabilities who have gone on to have wonderful careers, some have even become famous. She reminded me that just because someone has perfect grades doesn't always make them a perfect person, it just means they are smart, not necessarily kind. She told me not to give up, to continue working hard and to chase my dreams. I live by her words every day. I'm like the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the

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