Youth Obesity : Who Is Responsible?

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Youth Obesity: Who Is Responsible? Obesity in America is a growing problem. Not only adults obesity, but also adolescent and children obesity is indeed a serious public health problem that is increasing in the United States. Many people have attempted to identify the cause of obesity among American children. Recognizing the different causes behind adolescent obesity is fundamental to reduce one of the most serious health challenges of the 21st century. Although adolescent obesity is the result of more than one factor, it is mainly linked to fast food consumption. Over the past decade, lawyers and health advocates have tried to accuse fast food companies of the country’s growing obesity problem among children. Many customers have filed lawsuits against fast food restaurants blaming them for causing their children to gain weight. However, none of these cases have won in the courts and the main reason is that blaming the fast food companies exclusively would be too reductive. We will therefore argue that, in addition to the fast food companies, parents as well as the government, state and federal, are to blame. First, we should define childhood obesity and its consequences on children’s health. A child who is older than 2 year-old is considered “affected by obesity” if his/her body mass index-for-age (BMI for age), which is calculated dividing weight in kilograms by height in meter squared, is equal or greater than 30 kg/m2. Looking at a fourteen-year-old girl of

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