Yuma Research Paper

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The real Yuma came around when the invention of canals for water source and steamboats. And with these new projects Yuma is becoming stronger economic wise. Construction begins at the Laguna Dam, with lots of hands working on it the opening day July 6th, 1905 was the day Yuma Region to have stable supply of water year round. Now with this Farmers can grow more crops easier and people can drink cleaner water.

One of the challenges developers faced while building these canals was flooding. In 1916 a major flood hit Yuma destroying buildings and homes and more reconstruction needed to be done. To make this water source lasts developers had to change these canals. By adding siphons along the canals and rivers making the water flowing and stable. Now with the water at a steady flow more Wheat, Cotton, Broccoli and Lettuce can be grown for the seasons. The Colorado River flows progressively, Indians in the desert are relying on Yuma on the …show more content…

When the Yuma Project began more people from different places migrated here. The invention of water canals became together providing water year long and when other places were dry people found the way to come here and live. Most of these people would work on the fields growing crops. The Yuma Project was important in many ways. One important factor is construction on the city. Over time there was not much places where people can enjoy the day or stay at a home. The results had people staying at these homes to work and make a living. When many canals were built there would be occurring floods. A flood hit in 1916 in the city of Yuma causing reconstruction on the city. When it was all payed for the buildings were built better. When the canals break free construction workers would use leaves to fix there problem. Canals were one of the other important sources in Yuma. The Laguna Dam was built resulting flowing water and irrigation issues were not more of an

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