Zara Is The Most Successful Retailer Brands Of Spanish Company Of The Inditex Group

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Introduction Zara is one of the world largest international fashion distributors, which is extremely competitive business with the most innovative speed-to-market business model. They are the third largest brand in the garment industry. Zara has become the most innovative retailers in the world. They invented the concept of fast fashion industry. Zara has changed conditions in the marketplace demand a much more agile response from the organizations and supply chain. Supply Chain Management (SCM) management is the success factor in fast fashion business. SCM deals with suppliers, with supplier’s suppliers, with customers and even customer’s customers. Zara’s process focuses from raw materials origin to customer consumption. The output of…show more content…
More than half of the fabrics are purchased under to make faster response to mid season color changes possible. Zara has four product lines: for women, men, children and home appliances which has creative team consisting of designers, sourcing specialists, and product development personnel. In each of products are subdivided in lower garment, upper garment, shoes, cosmetics and complements, as well as Zara kids Zara’s headquarters has a commercial team that consists of designers, market specialists and buyers. Design Zara 's designers and customers are inextricably linked. Specialist teams receive constant feedback on the decisions its customers are making at every. Zara develops just two weeks for a new product and approach their products to stores in each year, launch around 10,000 new designs. Zara has 3,000 in-house designers for men, women and children’s wear are located in different halls in a building attached to the Inditex headquarters. Each head office is equipped with its own unique design facilities and logistics centers from which merchandise is shipped to the stores worldwide twice a week weekly. Zara produces clothing as per the latest trends in a limited quantity. Zara produces more than 12,000 new designs to the market every year in the stores globally twice a week. The creative teams worked on products for the current season by creating constant variation, expanding on successful product items and continuing

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