Zero Tolerance Policies

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Zero Tolerance Policies:
Can being too cautious be a bad thing? Fields and Emshwiller authors of “Policing the Halls: For More Teens, Arrests Replace School Discipline” report “In 2012 92,000 students were subject to school-related arrests” (Fields and Emshwiller A.1). Zero tolerance policies are a strict set of rules that certain school districts are starting to follow regarding weapons, drugs and more. These policies are relating to an extreme amount of juvenile arrests. Some argue that these rules are too strict because teens and kids are getting unreasonable charges. Another issue people have against this policy is that the principal and other school administrators are not involved with punishments. Some schools believe this policy is …show more content…

1). A student on lunch assistance offered to share his lunch with another student; after accepting the offer the student was arrested for theft. A large portion of kids and teens in the cafeteria share food with one another, no one would think of it as a crime. People are not even aware of what the policies consist of, to ensure a better environment for students and teachers some think zero tolerance policies should be installed. How would installing a policy like this better the school if the no one knows what the policy even consists of. More incidents like this keep occurring. Innocent mistakes and teens being teens, joking, is becoming much more serious than it used to be. In the article “Less Than Zero” Stephanie Francis Ward confirms how many charges are being distributed to young teens when she reveals that “It started with a snowball, tossed from a group of high school students playing in the first snowfall of winter. The snowball ended up hitting a teacher standing about 20 yards from the group. It was a seemingly innocent act, one that the teacher might have laughed off. Instead the teen faced a severe penalty: expulsion” (Ward 55). Once again a …show more content…

The policies lead to a substandard record for the future, juvenile records, and they are not in any circumstance bettering school environments. Fields and Emshwiller declare “A student got a misdemeanor ticket for wearing too much perfume” (Fields and Emshwiller A. 1). When a student gets in trouble with the law for wearing too much perfume that is crossing a line. People say it is being vigilant, however that is more than cautious. So many kids in schools are getting charges, more kids at graduation are walking the stage with a dent in their record than

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