Compare And Contrast Christopher Columbus And Zheng He

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Final Essay Question #3
T. S. Elliot once said “We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” In a time before computers, internet, and satellites, if you wanted to see a place you had to sail there on a massive boat. Zheng He and Christopher Columbus wanted to see knew places with the help of their monarchs, their dream came true. Little did they know then, but their voyages would become legend. Not only were they adventurers, they were responsible for the lives of everyone who went with them on their treacherous journey. When they got where they were going they ran into the local indigenous people, but the people were treated differently based on who landed on their shore. While Columbus and He were both great explorers they did not always find what they were searching for, but usually something much better. They made great discoveries for someone so young. The main story of this time was China and Spain wanting to discover as much as possible during their explorations, so they could claim more of the world that the other. Columbus and Spain wanted to bypass normal trade routes and find new lands to make trading easier. He and China wanted to expand trade relations with new countries. Zheng He was not only an explorer, he was also a in 1405 at the age of thirty-four Zheng He set out an expedition with the largest fleet that anyone would see until the twentieth century. His

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