Zinsser Classification Of Pressure Research Paper

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I believe Zinsser's classification of the types of pressure and their effect on the student is very correct. The reason I believe this is because when reading you can relate and understand what Zinsser is talking about. Zinsser's classification of pressures is agreeable because many of these classifications are true. When reading Zinsser talks about economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure, and self induced pressure. I agree with all of these classifications but there are some that I can understand and relate to more than others. Parental pressure is a big type of pressure that you can see in a lot of students today as Zinsser says on pg 439 "Well, my Parents want me to be a doctor. They're paying all this money and..." This type …show more content…

By doing what your parents want you may find your self wasting many years in college to become something you don't even enjoy being. Even though your parents are paying for you to go to college you don't need to feel as if you have to do what they want. You must do what makes you happy since its your future, as my paw paw would tell me " do a job you don't mind waking up to do" I would always refer back to that saying when deciding what I wanted to become and its because of that saying that helped me get on the path I'm on today. Another Pressure that I believe to be important is Peer pressure, Peer pressure is probably the most well known pressure since you have heard it early on in your life. When I was reading I found something that Zinsser said very interesting he said "I wish they would sometimes forget about their peers and go to a movie" when I read that I was rather shocked since most adults would rather us study then go and have times to our selves but I think that's the exact point that Zinsser was trying to make. I believe he was trying to say that even though studying is good you must not compare yourself to other and have time to yourself because all that studying and comparing could hurt you later

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