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Considered one of the most important writers of the twentieth century African American literature, Zora Neale Hurston successfully paved the way for future prominent writers. Through dedication and hardships in her life, she is famously recognized as an important person during the 1920s for her writing and role in the Harlem Renaissance. (Zora.com)
Zora Neale Hurston was born January 7, 1891 in Notasulga, Alabama and later moved to Eatonville, Florida. She lived a happy childhood in her 8-room house and 7 siblings. As a child, she was raised in an all black community, therefore was never exposed to discrimination. Black achievement flourished in her town, including her father and mother. Zora’s father, John Hurston, formulated laws. Zora’s mother Lucy Ann Hurston aided in churches as a director of the christian curricula. However, following the death of her mother in 1904, Zora’s life shifted. Her father quickly remarried, resulting in a difficult relationship in which he no longer had the time or money for his children. (Gradesaver)
Zora Neale Hurston moved to Baltimore in 1917 at the age of 26, searching for the opportunity to finish high school. However, because she was no longer a teenager, she
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Zora Neale Hurston was often criticized through her work for her portrayal of racial injustice.(biography). She was recognized greatly for her talent, but still never claimed the money she deserved. Her largest royalty ever earned for any of her books was $943.75. (GrAdesaver). Zora’s career became more difficult as years progressed. It became more challenging for her to publish work, because it was often so criticized. Zora’s life became much more difficult after being falsely accused of abusing a group of children from her neighborhood. Although charges were dismissed, her reputation had been hurt and no longer was able to publish work. (

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