categorical imperative

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Explain with examples, Kant 's theory of the Categorical Imperative

Kant believed that there is an 'objective moral law ' this meant, he did not depend on a point of view. If there is a moral law there is a duty to obey this law. To act morally, it is necessary to have a good will for example to help someone just because it would be the right thing to do in the certain situation. Morality is made up of 'categorical imperatives ' meaning that you should do something simply because they are the correct things to do, as you are expected to fulfill things in life this is called a certain 'duty '.

Kant believed that there were specific categories on how to understand the world, we would understand them by: time, space and causality,
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The Categorical imperative orders just in morality of the structure of that specific law and the reason for fulfilling the activity comes from a cause.

The universal law always stated that we should: act always as if you could will your action to become a Universal Maxim, by this we should take into account that we should always act according to a rule which can be practical in all sorts of situations and also to all people. Kant also states that we should: Treat people as ends in themselves and never as means, when we decide to act upon a situation we should make sure that we treat people the way that you would treat yourself therefore equally and fairly. Finally, we should act always as if, by your actions, you were a legislator in the universal kingdom of ends, you should conduct yourself as if your actions are based on assumptions and the way others would act morally and treat people as ends not means. Kant believed that people should 'not lie ' as this was a rule which is applied universally and in general it is written in the 10 commandments and therefore it is our duty to obey the rule, for example if someone was going to be killed and the killer told you to tell them where that person was, you would be obliged to tell them the truth even if this meant that the person would be killed, without lying to the killer you could gather help and help this person from getting killed in a different way,
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