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Is Being Limitless Really Worth It? Is Being Limitless Really Worth It?
The film Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper, is set in New York as he plays the part as Eddie Mora exploring that his life as a writer is getting him nowhere fast. Towards the start of the movie Eddie is portrayed as an average New Yorker that is enduring a very tough time in his life until he gets reacquainted with his old brother-in-law. Eddie is invited back to his house where he introduces a new drug to him called NZT-48. This drug is supposed to maximize the Brain’s thinking process, making it easier to learn and achieve great heights. Eddie decides to try this miracle drug and he writes his book that he has been working on for months from …show more content…

With Eddie being limitless on this drug he gains power over things and makes more money than he ever thought would be possible, which eventually conditions him into becoming even more dependent upon the drug. I agree with the purpose of using a drug to improve the thinking process of the brain, but the effects it has on his body, as a user the crash of this powerful drug is catastrophic and it pretty much makes the user’s body shut down. I consider a drug to be any mind altering substance and when Eddie states “My mind is skipping time, I have no memory of the last 4 days,” clearly the drug is greatly altering his memory. This is a tell-tale sign of what effects that drugs can have on the mind and body of a user. Drug users not only hurt themselves but also can become abusive to other people while using drugs. When drug users are coming off of the drug they become very irritable and short tempered as they fight the realities of life’s hardships, without being able to rely on a high that might be what they use to even out their frustrations. I think this is another reason where I would have to ask myself as a user if they are really worth it. As Vernon said to Eddie in the movie, “You know how you can only control 20% of your brain well this drug allows you to control 100% of it and it has been tested and is FDA approved.” I think I would be slightly

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