##lience In 'Redemption And Anton Chekhov'sMisery'

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“The human capacity for a burden is like branches- far more flexible than you’d ever believe at first glance,” author Jodi Picoult once said. This quote demonstrates the topic of loss and resilience as the two characters both experience it first hand and have to learn ways to get over it. John Gardener’s “Redemption” and Anton Chekhov's “Misery” both display the main characters trying to find ways to overcome their difficulties, which in this case is the loss of a loved one. Ultimately, one is obsessed with living in the past whereas the other lives in the present which proves that there is more than one way for a person to be resilient.
Both authors use setting and atmosphere to demonstrate the position Jack Hawthorne and Iona Potapov are in. The authors also effectively use these devices to compare how the deaths affect both characters. In “Redemption,” the story starts out with the death of Jack’s brother and goes to show how Jack behaves and how the rest of his family deals with the loss. The author clearly describes what was going on in Jack’s head during the accident. In the text it says, “Even at the last moment he could have prevented his brother’s death by slamming the brakes, but he was unable to think.” The setting of the story initially takes place on a clear, sunny, blue day so one would assume the story was going to have a positive vibe to it. However, the author twists the setting and reveals that Jack killed his brother even when he had the right of mind to
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