##luating Society In Margaret AtwoodThe Blaming Of Society

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The Blaming of Society In the modern world, our society feel threatened in a way so they react in a way of blaming someone else to get them out of whatever trouble our society is in. Margaret Atwood’s idea is that a society under stress will always put the blame on a person or a group of people. A clinical psychologist Noel Hunter says in Mad in America, “When people are afraid, they need to feel a sense of control”(1). Control may come up when blame is given and scapegoats are named. When people get scared they feel the way of gaining control is to start blaming others. When society gets under stress it will always put the blame on a person or a group of people. People may also believe that when a society gets under stress the society won’t put blame on a person or a group of people. In “Half-Hanged Mary,” Margaret Atwood “The men of the town stalk homeward excited by their show of hate, their own evil turned inside out like a glove, and me wearing it” (1). Atwood means that the men walk why staring at her excited by what they did, how they put her up there. The talk of witchcraft arose and the only way not to get blamed for witchcraft is to be on the blaming end and that's what the men of the town did. They did this in the way of blaming Mary Webster who got hung because of the men. “I was hanged for living alone for having blue eyes and a sunburned skin, tattered skirts, few buttons, a weedy farm in my own name, and a surefire cure for warts; oh yes, and breast and a

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