power elite vs. pluralist model

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Abstract Both the Elite and the Pluralist models are a means by which public policy is created. Both do not conform to the democracy created by our fore-fathers; a government for the people and by the people. The Elite model is one in which a small group of wealthy white males hold the power and control the policy making for our country. In contrast, the Pluralist model suggest that the power is distributed among interest groups that compete to control public policy. Both Karl Marx(1883) and C. Wright Mills (1956) are famous for their views on the “rule by few” or the power elite. Through money and power, the power elite has a large influence on how the government elects, makes laws and operates on a daily…show more content…
3). The poor actually saw a decrease in income or an increase in unemployment. This is largely due to the outsourcing to other countries by our large corporations. The consequence of this large gap is a loss in hope for prosperity and in turn, resentment towards democracy and political instability. This has only benefitted the power elite, giving them more political control as the masses have become dis-interested and more focused on their day-to-day.
How do the Power Elite Influence Special Interest Groups A special interest group is a membership of people with the same or similar interests, banded together to shape public policy. These interest groups develop political action committees (PAC’s), “groups of people who organize to support candidates they feel will represent their views (Anderson & Taylor, p.516). Some examples of PAC’s are American Medical Association and National Auto Dealers Association. The larger the membership, the more influence a group can have on a politician. They can use their size as a threat to support another politician or a more powerful tool is money. There are three ways in which an interest group can influence a political candidate, “campaign contributions, lobbying and propaganda”(Anderson & Taylor, p.516). The pluralists view these special interest groups or PAC’s as a representation of the public as various interest

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