##s Of Guy De Maupassant's The Necklace And Alice Walker

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Guy de Maupassant’s The Necklace and Alice Walker’s Everyday Use are two stories that demonstrate how the setting of a plot can contribute to the characters’ suffering, values, culture and economic status. Both of the writers portray how lives can be influenced by their environment. Their writing reveals the cause and effect of societal values and cultural backgrounds. Both Maupassant and Walker illustrate in their writings a reflection of how life experiences are influenced by environment in which people live. Maupassant writes as woman who is the middle class wife of a French ministerial clerk in France. The woman is beautiful, wishes to be in the upper-class society and dreams of what it would be like to be rich. The main character is sad because of her economic status and how she is not in the higher society. The Necklace is a representation of how someone is in a lower economic status in society can long for more. Maupassant writes for the main character to suffer because of her economic status and demonstrates it through his descriptive language about the way the character lives. For example, it is mentioned that the main character’s apartment has terrible furniture, messed up walls and ugly curtains. Even though the main character wants to have more in life, on the contrary her husband doesn’t. “She grieved incessantly, feeling that she had been born for all the little niceties and luxuries of living. […] All these things, which another woman of her

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