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#### this is a very poorly written personal narrative. ##### Short stories I felt her hair on my face, I smell her scent; I slide slowly away from her so she would not wake. I stopped for a while just to look at her, what a beauty she is. We met last autumn I was doing some repairs in her father’s restaurant; she was and still is helping her parents at the restaurant. Su is waitress and cashier at the restaurant. I had seen her there few times before, my friends told me that she is married and her husband lives back in home. All I had with her had been just hellos and little small talk at bar. I had a long day at work and decided not to make dinner at home; instead I went to Su’s father’s restaurant to have dinner. That night restaurant was full. Su came in about the same time. She is studying law at the university, this night she came to meet her parents and to have dinner not to work. There was only one table free I asked if Su would like to have dinner with me so we could get to know each other. At first she insists that she eat at kitchen, her father said her something what I did not understand after that she accepted my offer. - How are you doing Su? - I’m fine, thanks. How about you, I haven’t see you here for a while, been busy at work? - Yes I’ve been busy and had short vacation couple weeks ago; I went fishing up north and visited my mother. - Oh that’s nice to hear, how is she doing? - She is fine just getting old keeps forgetting things luckily my
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