'the Impact of a Tropical Storm Depends on Location' How Far Do You Agree with This Statement?

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“The Impact of a Tropical Storm depends on location” How far do you agree? Tropical storms formed 5-30 degrees north of the equator, so if there is a largely populated area or economic centre around this latitude, in an area vulnerable to hurricanes, the impact will be increased in comparison to the tropical storm running its course over unpopulated islands or the ocean. This can be seen when looking at Hurricane Sandy, a tropical storm of 2012 and its impact on Cuba. Cuba was located in the Hurricane’s path and so obviously the Hurricane caused damage. However, because an area of considerable economic value to the country, Cuba’s Santiago de Cuba, was in located in the aforementioned storm path and damaged significantly, for example…show more content…
Furthermore because of this storm surge, the stock exchange was closed for two days and this resulted in mass losses economically. This is a good example of how the title is correct in what it is saying - storm surges being less of a threat to built up areas on higher ground or ground further inland. Sandy cost New York $42 billion. However storm surges also impact those further inland as well, and this is can be seen through the secondary impacts of Hurricane Sandy. Severe flooding along the coast dumped about eleven billion gallons of raw and untreated sewage in the waterways from Washington DC to Connecticut- this resulting in more damage than flooding alone. This starts to convey weaknesses in the essay title, that perhaps it is too simplistic in its assertion. Moreover, when looking at the impact of a tropical storm we see that it isn’t just the location that affects the extent of said impact. What is arguably more influential on the impact of tropical storm is the level of wealth possessed by the country hit. This again is illustrated by Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy hit both Cuba and the USA, one an LEDC the other the wealthiest country in the world. In the USA, money was raised by the people of the country through television companies such as Disney-ABC, NBC, and News Corporation raising a total of $41 billion dollars to help the area hit

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