the day i grew up

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The bright sun light woke me up. I looked through the airplane window. The orange sky was quickly turning into blue. It looked so peaceful and warm outside but I knew that at a height of 10.000m it certainly is freezing out there. Seven more hours and we’ll be there. I am finally going to be able to be surrounded with members o f my extended family, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins… I couldn’t sit still any more. Blood was rushing through my veins and my heart started pounding at the very thought of the first sight of all of those familiar and so dear faces to me. Finally, moving to Macedonia, to a new life, new beginning. Little did I know then that living between two countries brings excitement but also great …show more content…

But wait! On the seventh month all the faded images of Australia started being more clear. The clearer they were the more persistentt they became. The endless fields with red or blue gum trees spread around like guards. The voices of my friends:” C’mon, Damjan! You can do a 360!” or “I bet your mum’s going to ground you if you brake this frame, too” “Oh, shut up Daniel! The only thing that he can break is a new BMX record!” “C’mon jump! Your ice-cream is melting all over

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