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Student: Andre Robinson Grand Canyon University: PHI-305 16 FEB 2014 This paper renders a point of view on the ethical dilemma presented in the case study of the Disappearing Degree from the ethical stand point of view the writer. This paper also weighs in on the philosophical viewpoints of Hobbes, Hume’s and Kent’s theories that are consistent with their views on ethics and human nature. The View of the Writer In this Ethical Dilemma Connie has to take everything into account. First, Connie should look at whether or not the position requires a PH.D, and if it does not have the panel members revote. Second, the committee should consider the type of…show more content…
Hume’s perspective on Mr. Craft’s actions given his philosophy on human nature and humankind’s motives may have prompted Hume to view Mr. Craft’s omission, and threat of suing as proof that he was acting in self-interest or lying to get ahead. Thus, Hume would have voted no dismissing Mr. Craft from the application process. Hobbes Response Hobbes views on the dilemma may have yet been different in contrast to Hume’s. Hobbes believes that individuals are free to use their mental and physical capacities to do what is essential to conserve their lives in the state of nature (Cambridge, 2007). This right deems to permit individuals to even take the lives of others if such action is necessary to preserve their own lives. Hobbes philosophy on the state of human nature when faced with competition, desire for position and power is that it leads to situations of severe conflict and irrational decisions. Thus, Hobbes may have decided to hire Mr. Craft with the notion of not faulting him for acting the way human nature was designed. Kant’s Response Kant’s perception on the ethical dilemma would have been differed in contrast to Hobbes’s. Kant believes that we should act out of moral duty, and use the principles of rationalization rather than desire. Kent believes that the desire for any expected consequence or emotional feeling may cause us to act out of inclination, and a desire for a

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