the tone in 1984, 9/11 Random Notes and The United States of BOO!

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1984, 9/11 Random Notes and The United States of BOO!
The short story contains a lot of pessimistic and negative adjectives, which gives me, as a reader, a feeling of negativity at first, but then you realize that the story is so much negative that it turns out to be filled with humor and a sarcastic touch. In the very first section it is described that it is a cold day in april; that the clocks is striking 13; that the wind is vile; and that Winston Smith tries to escape this by rushing inside his building and though he is not able to keep the gritty dust outside. This indicates that the story is not characterized by joy and sunny days but the opposite instead. In the end of the hallway inside the building, which is …show more content…

That slogan is a quite good expression of the exaggeration and sarcasm and this story. It is completely the opposite meaning of the truth.
9/11 Random Notes
This text/diary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks consists of a father (the narrator) who writes down his thoughts on the day when the World Trade Center (the 2 twin towers) collapsed. The way this text is written you quickly find out that the tone is very serious and critical, mostly because it is based on a real event. The text reveals the seriousness in l. 5 p. 163 where the father writes about the daughter: “Less than one hour after she passed under the World Trade Center, the twin towers crumbled to the ground.” We are not in doubt that this is an awful event, which is happening. Furthermore the father, e.g. the narrator, after have been watching the horrible images on television, refers to this high-wire artist, Philippe Petit, who walks between the towers back in 1974. As he says, “A small man dancing on a wire more than five hundred yards off the ground – an act of indelible beauty. Today, that same spot has been turned into a place of death.” ll. 6-8 p. 164. He has always have considered The World Trade Center as something beautiful, but suddenly, out of the clear blue sky, it turns out to be a place of darkness and death. That also underlines the serious and critical tone in this text.

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