was stalin successful in creating a totalitarian state?

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Did Stalin Succeed In Setting Up A Totalitarian State?

Overall, Stalin did not create a totalitarian state, the very definition of which suggests the state’s complete control and authority over every aspect of society; the economy, politics, religion and culture; as, despite all of the action Stalin took to gain this, he was constantly facing opposition.

Many would argue that the wide range of economic measures used to enforce control over the population allowed Stalin to succeed in gaining total control over the state. This was evident in Gosplan’s expectation of meeting basic targets and the setting of much higher, optimum targets, for increasing production, prices, wages and allocated manpower/ resources, which ensured there would …show more content…

An aspect considered significantly more important than Stalin’s control over the economy, though less so than that over political intolerance would be his domination over the populations right to express their individual religious views. He did this through the total devastation of almost all spiritual aspects of the Soviet Union, which were seen to act as alternatives to the Bolshevik Party’s one true set of ideals, and in the process, almost completely wiping out Islam, by 1930, through the closing of 10,000 out of 12,000 mosques, as well as the accusation against leaders in the Muslim Asian republics that they had been trying to resist the regime and so had been working hand-in-hand with the Kulaks, punishing them accordingly.
It was not only Muslims, however, who had been affected as in 1929, a new law was passed making any participation in religious activity outside of churches or congregations illegal, whilst the League of Godliness, established in 1925, saw membership increase to 1million, supporting the treatment of Catholic and Orthodox churches throughout the nation- churches were turned into grain stores in the countryside to completely isolate them of religion, only 87 out of 500 orthodox churches remained in Moscow, in the space of two years 105,200 Orthodox priests were executed and only 12 out of 163 bishops were alive in 1939. This had the effect of gaining

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