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  • Economic Crisis

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    Stabilization in the Wake of Economic Crisis Perhaps the most significant reason Pittsburgh was able to recover from the collapse of steel was the decision, made early on by city officials and local developers, to seek out new industries rather than cling to the vestiges of the old. Beginning in 1981, the Allegheny Conference (ACC), a non-profit coalition of local business and political leaders, made economic diversification their primary goal. The conference established a committee whose sole

  • The Problem Of A Economic Crisis

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    is the meaning of crisis and economic recessions? Business Dictionary is defining crisis as “a situation in witch an economy experiences a sudden downtown brought on by a financial crisis” (, 2014). The major sign of an economic crisis is the falling of GDP, the drying up of liquidity and rising or falling of prices generated by inflation or deflation. One form of economic crisis is the recession. The National Bureau of Economic Research is defining economic recessions as "a

  • Europe Economic Crisis

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    ISSN 0379-0991 Economic Crisis in Europe: Causes, Consequences and Responses EUROPEAN ECONOMY 7|2009 EUROPEAN COMMISSION The European Economy series contains important reports and communications from the Commission to the Council and the Parliament on the economic situation and developments, such as the Economic forecasts, the annual EU economy review and the Public finances in EMU report. Subscription terms are shown on the back cover and details on how to obtain the list of sales agents

  • A Cultural Problem, an Economic Crisis

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    In the past two years, Western society has experienced what many of its leaders have called the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. At the very least, it has been the worst period of instability that our younger generations have ever seen in their lifetimes. But unlike other financial crises that have largely been triggered by external forces, such as the oil embargoes of the 1970’s, this latest one was a product of our own internal policies and practices; even more so, of our cultural

  • The Economic Crisis of 1857

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    The economic crisis of 1857 was a financial fear in the United States, and the worst economic downfall in 20 years. The continuous failure of businesses and banks created a panic in the overall economic recession. As many as 5,000 businesses failed and unemployment was on a rise. Americans panicked because there was a loss of confidence in an Ohio financial institution. Additionally, the railroads begin to fail and there was a fear that the U.S. Government would not be able to pay its obligations

  • The Economic Crisis Of The G20

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    The economic crisis has brought about a transformation in international organization, signaling a break with the established system of foundation for managing world liaison. While at the first of the crisis, measures taken appeared ad hoc or temporary, the decision at the Pittsburgh Elevation in September 20 09 to institutionalize the Chemical group of 20 leaders ’ summit reflects a marked shift in the locus of leadership. New players, new meeting place and new issues have moved to the center of

  • 2008 Economic Crisis

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    investment banks collapsed in 2008, it indicated that an economic crisis began. This economic crisis became the largest one since the 1930s. As a result, economic growth rates dropped in most parts of the world. More over, job losses dramatically increased and income amounts took a significant dive. On the other hand, the wealth of the top 1 percent increased dramatically, bringing with it significant social inequality and issues. An issue with the crisis of 2008 is whether it ended globalization, as we

  • The Economic Impact Of Canada's Economic Crisis

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    Canada is one of the wealthiest companies and have a strong import and export to United States and other countries. The country is rich in nature resources and a strong economy. During the Economic Crisis Canada was not hit as hard as their counterparts such the United States because they have a strong financial banking system and most of their loans are traditional and not sub-prime loans. They were impacted in import and export because the countries they had contracts with was impacted. Canada

  • The Economic Crisis in Eurozone

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    With the impending Presidential election consuming the American news cycle, major media outlets and the general public alike have neglected a growing crisis within one of the world's most important centers of commerce and culture. Despite the domestic rancor over stimulus packages, runaway debt and rampant unemployment which has inspired fierce political debate here in America, the fact remains that many European countries have borne the brunt of the global recession currently decimating national

  • Chicago Economic Crisis

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    seen economic hardship, decline, and even crisis. However, the ongoing economic crisis in Venezuela is an especially notable case which requires pragmatic and feasible solutions. Many assert that the current crisis, which has its roots in corruption and over-dependency on oil, is best solved by economic diversification. Others have argued that the best solution is to request foreign aid, such as that from the International Monetary Fund. In spite of this, a combination of history, economics, and