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  • The Origin Of The Guitar

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    History of the Guitar There are many theories on the origin of the guitar. Varying types of stringed instruments are noted in the history of Babylon, Egypt, and the Middle East, as well as in Italy, Greece, Turkey, and the North East. All of their instruments had some sort of sound box and a long neck. This is the same for the modern guitars of today. Strings or cords (usually made of animal tissues) were stretched down the neck and over the sound box. Players used one hand to strum or pluck the

  • Essay on The History of the Guitar

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    The Guitar is a stringed musical instrument with six or twelve strings that is played by either plucking or strumming the strings. It is one of the most popular instruments in the world. If an individual were asked to identify a guitar most people would answer the question correctly more so than they would if they were asked about another instrument. When people think about famous guitarists, they more than likely think of famous rock and roll guitarists and do not think about the many other famous

  • The Classical Guitar: The History Of The Romantic Guitar

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    Introduction The classical guitar, also referred to as “nylon string guitar” or “Spanish guitar” is a plucked instrument with six strings from the instruments family called chordophones . The classical guitar is known well for its right-hand technique that is comprehensive, and allows the soloist to perform complex polyphonic and melodic material just like the piano . Typically, the instrument is characterized by its strings with the 3-bass strings (E-A-d) hat are made of the nylon fiber and wound

  • The Modern Day Guitar : The Invention Of The Guitar

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    The guitar is one of the most iconic instruments of all time and understandably so, the instrument has gone through many reinventions and has created endless possibilities in terms of new sounds. The modern day guitar is the result of thousands of years in the making, the oldest known depiction of a “guitar” dates back to the ninth century. However the guitar has not always had the iconic name, before guitars had a standard to be held to, many guitar like instruments were referred to as chordophones

  • The Popularity Of Guitar And The Phenomenal Success Of The Guitar

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    in popularity of guitar bands and the phenomenal success of the Guitar Hero video game franchise has lead to more and more people picking up the guitar recently. Sales of guitars in the UK has hit an all time high in the past three years and as more and more people are starting to play, the guitar has surpassed the piano as the most widely learned instrument in schools. With all these people learning I thought I 'd pass on some tips from my 10 years of experience playing guitar and help point people

  • Physics of an Acoustic Guitar Essay

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    Physics of an Acoustic Guitar I have been watching my husband play the guitar in a band for five years and he has made it look so easy to make such beautiful music. Most guitar players have progressed with the technology of electric guitars, but when my husband picks up an acoustic guitar and starts to play a song for just me, I hear his love for me in the sounds that he produces. Imagine my surprise when a physics class conveyed to me that there was much more to his playing than I had

  • Essay On Maestro Guitars

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    Maestro Guitars is Singapore’s one and only brand that handcrafts its own guitars and ukuleles. It all started in 2004, when founder Ho Zen Yong, a former Singapore Management University (SMU) student decided to open his own shop in Peninsula Excelsior Hotel after learning his guitar making skills from an English luthier Chris Horton, in Goa. Maestro Guitars was then born. The company’s name, Maestro was inspired by the Spanish word that means “master” in music. Maestro Guitars is best-known for

  • Guitar History

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    The guitar is a fretted, stringed instrument, and is a member of the lute family. It originated in Persia and reached Spain during the twelth-century, where it¹s versatility as both a solo and accompanying instrument were established. The theory of the guitar was discovered in the early centuries. They found that the sound of a bowstring could be enhanced by attaching a resonating chamber -most like a tortiseshell- to the bow. From the bow came essentially three main types of stringed instruments:

  • Guitar Meets the Piano

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    myself for in the future. I have been playing the guitar since I was twelve, and when I was younger my brother had taught me how to play the piano. However, I have had a piano sitting against a wall in my room, and it has now been four years since I have played it. So, for the past twenty one days, I have challenged myself to re-learn the piano. Throughout my process, I found many similarities and differences between learning how to play the guitar and learning how to play the piano. The first obstacle

  • Gibson Guitar Case Study

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    GIBSON GUITARS CASE STUDY CONTENTS 1.Summary 2 2.Plan the Negotiation 2 2.1.Music Store Overview and the existing Relation with Gibson 2 2.2.The Lead Negotiator 3 2.3.Identify and Prioritize objectives 3 3.Defining the negotiation strategy 5 3.1.The ocean approach 7 4. Conclusion 8 5.Bibliography 8   1.SUMMARY The present report intends to briefly describe a negotiation strategy in order to successfully build a global partnership between the world famous guitar manufacture –